AI-1 Airbag Vest

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 Klim's Ai-1 Airbag Vest is an autonomous airbag system that can be worn under virtually any riding jacket. The days of bike-mounted connections and pull-cords are over. This vest is the moto industry's first untethered airbag system with user-replaceable cartridges.

In addition to purchasing the Ai-1 Airbag Vest, riders are required to either purchase or lease the In&Motion Subscription Service to make the vest active. 

In&Motion Subscription Service

Download the “My In&Box” phone app.

Buy a subscription plan from In&Motion to activate the vest:

  • Choose from $12 per month or $120 per year subscription options, which include an unlimited In&Box warranty, VIP support services and anytime cancellation. 
  • Or choose the $399 one-time purchasing option which includes a 2-year warranty and classic support services. The subscription service is provided for life.

Note: Without the subscription service through In&Motion, the airbag system is non-operational. Euro to USD exchange rates are subject to change.

All purchasing options include continuous algorithm updates and smartphone app dashboard interface. The app also displays battery level and available software updates. You can update your In&Box system to the latest algorithm using your phone.

The Vest

With the Ai-1 Airbag Vest you'll benefit from the three years of R&D, over twenty-million on-road kilometers of testing and 700+ real-world deployments that Klim and In&Motion analyzed to develop this technology. 

This vest is the moto industry's first untethered airbag system with user-replaceable cartridges. The In&Box "brain" frees the rider from the physical tether between vest and bike. It deploys the airbag regardless of the rider's position relative to the motorcycle and spares life-saving milliseconds between incident and inflation. 

At crash detection, the Ai-1 Airbag Vest reaches full inflation in 60 milliseconds (or less). The inflated vest protects and supports the neck, spine, thorax and abdomen. Then the vest slowly, over a course of minutes, releases pressure from its highest limit to protect the rider from secondary impacts. At a reduced pressure, the vest stays inflated to brace the crashed rider until emergency services arrive or until the rider gets up, brushes off and decides to ride on. 

Klim recommends a maximum of three deployments before sending the vest in for inspection. The rider is easily capable of cartridge replacement, which can be done at home or on the roadside in just a few minutes. One full cartridge is used per deployment.  

The Ai-1 Airbag Vest replaces your jacket's traditional back protector. Order the vest in the same size as the jacket you ride for a good fit. This airbag system has a 5-star SRA rating and is certified to CE prEN 17092-6 for protective riding gear. A static CE Level 1 viscoelastic back protector is incorporated and houses the control unit.

The Ai-1 has a continuous battery life exceeding 25 hours of riding. The system has an automatic standby mode that reduces battery drain when the vest is no longer in motion. Once the battery is drained, a 100% charge takes about 3 hours. The lighted indicators on In&Box unit can give you a quick idea of the battery’s state of charge. The In&Box’s mobile app gives a detailed summary of the system's status and battery level. 


  • Detection and inflation in under 60 milliseconds
  • Fully wireless, tether-free autonomous sensor
  • Registration and support by In&Motion (subscription required)
  • Smartphone app compatible with Android or iOS
  • Designed to protect thorax, abdomen, spine and neck
  • User-replaceable cartridges
  • 3 deployments before vest requires technical evaluation
  • 25+ hours of continuous battery life
  • 3 hour charge time
  • Wireless firmware updates to In&Box algorithms 
  • LED status indicators on In&Box control unit
  • Can be worn with compatible touring or race suits
  • Moisture-wicking stretch mesh chassis
  • Integrated CE EN1621-2 certified static back protector
  • Smart phone app connectivity
  • 5-star SRA rating and certified to CE prEN 17092-6
  • Average weight of 3.2lb (+/- 0.2lb depending on size)
  • Not intended for use off-road