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The Rukka Exegal Motorcycle Jacket is designed to bring you premium touring with a lighter construction for those looking for a bit more flexibility as they ride. But this doesn’t mean that Rukka haven’t brought you their top-level set of features since we’re still looking at D3O protectors, Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer construction, and that Rukka eye for detail.

So, the Rukka Jacket will be competing with the Klim Kodiak, Dainese Antartica GTX, Alpinestars Revenant, and the Rev'It! Poseidon 2 GTX Jackets. So, this jacket really is competing with top level touring competition, so let’s see how Rukka have managed to do this.



The Rukka Exegal Jacket, similar to its premium cousin the Rukka Shield-R, uses a full Cordura tear and abrasion resistant outer shell with a 100% breathable, wind and waterproof Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer construction laminated onto the interior. To make sure that the shoulders and elbows are covered, the Exegal also includes Armacor reinforcements. For those who are wondering, Armacor is an incredibly strong textile that is also heat resistant since it uses a Kevlar and Cordura weave. So, we are getting a highly abrasion resistant jacket, though for added sturdiness you do have the Shield-R sitting a step up with extra reinforcements.

 Lastly, for visibility, Rukka have worked in some very clever 3M reflective panels in the arm and back, that have also been designed with styling in mind. But with the outer shell covered, let’s take a closer look at what Rukka have included under the hood.



For impact protection, the Rukka comes with a set of Rukka D3O Air XTR shoulder and elbow protectors certified to EN 1621-1 2012 CE Level 2, which is the highest currently available. This means that you’re getting some highly flexible armor that is lightweight, ventilating, and offers a great level of coverage.

For even better safety, the jacket also comes with a CE Level 1 chest and a Level 1 Rukka D3O Air Full back protector.



Moving on to comfort now, we get a lot of great features that Rukka have worked in that really show that quality eye for detail. Besides the Gore-Tex waterproofing, you are getting a storm collar and plenty of vents to bring you that 4-season riding ability.

Starting with the storm collar, Rukka have done something very clever. Instead of having it be fully detachable, hence easy to lose either at home or on a ride, Rukka have directly integrated the waterproof, elastic ATS (anti-thief system) Gore-Tex storm collar into its own pocket at the back of the neck. Not only does this make it more convenient if the weather turns, but it means you won’t lose it.

Moving onto the vents, you’re getting a set of zippered air inlets in the chest with another one underneath the arm. Underneath this vent you then get a double headed zipper vent, which is fantastic for finetuning where you want air to flow while the large, zippered air outlet in the back rounds everything out.

A fantastic detail that Rukka have paid attention to is that they’ve made sure that each zipper is water-resistant, since the last thing a waterproof jacket needs is rain seeping in through the vents.

While on the outside, Rukka have also given you a set of water-resistant pockets for storage that fasten with a snap and a water-resistant zipper. You then get a nice rabbit pouch in back for if you want to store your additional thermal liner or other large items.

For adjustability, the jacket includes a Velcro tab in the waist with another adjustable belt for cinching. In the cuffs, you have a Velcro tab with a further two snap adjusters.

The jacket is fastened with Velcro at the collar and a water-resistant zipper followed by a rain gutter. Inside, you then come to the jacket’s detachable lining with 60g insulation and Outlast for temperature regulation. This is a unique feature of the jacket, which means that small thermocules inside collect, store, and release heat in order to make sure you stay at a constant temperature while riding. But if things do get hot, you can just remove it with a zipper and some buttons.

Lastly, the jacket comes with two inner pockets on the thermal liner, and there is a zip and strap for coupling with the Rukka Exegal Pants.