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BMW Fit For all Communication System 

Talk to your passenger, make a phone call, and listen to music while staying on course with the connection to the BMW Motorrad Navigator and the TFT display. The straightforward BMW Motorrad Fit-for-All communication system stands out thanks to its functionality, simple three-button operation and a sleek design. In addition to a wireless voice connection between the rider and passenger, the system also enables communication with other Bluetooth-compatible devices including the ability to receive messages from the BMW Motorrad Navigator or make phone calls from your smart phone. Users can play music over the BMW audio system or compatible end devices. The BMW Motorrad Fit-for-All communication system can be integrated into nearly any helmet. It can also be combined with the Bike-to-Bike communication module (coming soon), which enables group communication with other motorcycles.

-Helmet-independent communication system
-Rider-passenger communication system
-Can be expanded for communication with up to 6 motorcycles using the Bike-to-Bike communication module (coming soon)
-Easy helmet integration
-Simple operation with the 3-button operating unit
-Hear navigation messages
-Music streaming using BMW-compatible audio sources, for rider and passenger with volume control available through the Multi-Function Controller
-Telephone service, provided that a Bluetooth-capable mobile phone is connected
-Automatic suppression of interference noise
-Operating time of up to 8 hours (560 mAh), depending on use