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Genuine BMW PCM Suit Jacket

The PCM (Phase Change Material*) functional under suit keeps the body temperature in a comfortable range. The PCM Suit is perfect for winter and transitional periods in spring and fall. It’s ideal for outside temperatures between 41° and 59° fahrenheit. Made of Phase Change Material which reacts to changes in the body temperature and adapts to compensate for instantaneous climatic conditions. It stores thermal energy for subsequent release in controlled doses. This translates into enhanced performance potential and thus increased active safety for the rider.


  • Two-piece functional under suit for winter and seasonal transition periods.
  • Free-breathing, thermo-regulating and quick-drying.
  • Outside material in Power Stretch (highly elastic thermal fleece with fleece interior, smooth outer surface.
  • Phase Change Material (schoeller-PCM) on the chest as well as thighs and knees: active and comfortable compensation for temperature variations
  • Windbreaker material on the upper arms and in the kidney zones on the pants offers optimal protection against the cold.
  • Stand-up collar made of fleecy Thermo-Powerstretch.
  • Jacket has two zippered side pockets.
  • Flat seam for high levels of wear comfort.

PCM area with grey print and framed with blue flatlock seams.
* Phase Change Material (schoeller-PCM) on sensitive areas exposed to wind and cold: The Phase Change Material (parafins in this application) is enclosed within microcapsules. The parafins react to temperature fluctuations by storing heat from the body or the ambient air and then subsequently radiating this heat in controlled doses once temperatures fall again. The process relies on changes in the physical state of the paraffins that occur at a precisely defined temperature.