X-Fifteen Dazzle TC-10

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Experience pure MotoGP performance on the street. Track certified by the fastest rider on the planet, the X-15 is a proven race weapon. The X-15 is a further evolution of Shoei's unstoppable challenge to continue to dominate in the world’s top road racing championships, including MotoGP. The X-15's race-focused shape, no compromise design, and completely new aerodynamic form ensures stable aerodynamic performance is available even at speeds exceeding 350km/h.

Design Concept

  • Aerodynamic shape that delivers even more advanced aerodynamic performance than the previous model
  • Specialised aerodynamics for performance beyond 350 km/h
  • All-new shield system for better upper field of vision
  • Hydration system prepared for use in long races

Shell Design & Aerodynamic Peformance

  • Integrated spoiler with vortex generators
  • Lower air spoiler
  • -3% Reduction in lift over the X-14
  • Sophisticated aerodynamic system
  • Rear stabilizer with flaps

Premium Ventilation

  • Innovative cheek vent cooling system
  • Additional ventilation holes have been added to the cheek area to increase the ventilation performance
  • 7 closable air inlets
  • 6 air outlets

Multi Density EPS Impact Liner

  • Modular EPS liner system with multiple densities for maximum safety
  • Varying foam densities for enhanced impact absorption
  • Cooling air is channelled through tunnels in the EPS liner
  • Precisely placed EPS for a compact, lightweight design

AIM+ Multi-ply Matrix Shell

  • Proprietary technology construction with a six-ply matrix
  • Hand-laid, interwoven layer shell construction
  • Fibreglass, organic, lightweight fibres and resin
  • Shoei’s lightest, strongest, most elastic shell
  • Four shell sizes ensure a custom fit for head sizes XS-XXL

CWR-F2R Race Visor

  • 2-dimensional shape for use with tear-offs
  • Tear-off posts are moved to the outside of the field of vision
  • Increased upper field of vision by 5mm compared to X-14
  • Innovative design lifts Pinlock above the top of the visor to enhance vision in race position
  • Exclusive vortex generators reduce air friction
  • Double shield locking mechanism prevents unwanted opening
  • Compatible with CWR-F2 or CWR-F2R visors – no adjustment necessary
  • Protects against 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays
  • Visor is 100% optically correct for distortion-free view
  • Supplied with Pinlock EVO fog-resistant film

CWR-F2R Baseplate

  • Facilitates fast and smooth shield changes
  • The shield double lock and trigger lock mechanism prevents the visor/shield from opening in the event of a crash
  • Spring-loaded technology ensures a wind and waterproof seal

New 3D Interior System

  • Fully removable, washable, replaceable and adjustable
  • The all-new cheek pads extended downward to generate downforce, reducing lift by 3% compared to X-14
  • Multi-layer cheek pads provide comfort and additional helmet stability
  • Provides a more comfortable and secure fit on rider’s face around the jaw area with improved hold at high speed

Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.)

  • Helmet can be gently removed from rider’s head in the case of an emergency
  • Medical staff can safely remove cheek pads from the helmet
  • Places minimal load on the neck during removal