Connected Ride Com U1

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BMW Connected Ride Com U1

ConnectedRide Com U1 can integrate a Fit-for-All or a V3 communication system into the Mesh group. However, when using the V3 communication system in conjunction with ConnectedRide Com U1, you need to initially configure a setting in the app or Device Manager.

Depending on the operating mode, you can operate different functions by voice control. English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian are available.

An LED informs you about the charge level of the battery and an automatic voice notification warns of a low battery. The Bluetooth intercom runs for up to 13 hours, Mesh intercom for up to 8 hours.

Thanks to the quick charging function, you can also make the most of short breaks: within a charging time of just 20 minutes you get 3.5 hours of use in Mesh intercom mode and 6 hours in Bluetooth intercom mode.

With ConnectedRide Com U1, you can easily share your playlist with your passenger and their ConnectedRide Com U1, making sure you’ll be on the go with the same soundtrack. The built-in FM radio can also store up to 10 stations and be easily switched on and off at the push of a button

With ConnectedRide Com U1, you can choose between two connection types: use Bluetooth if you want to talk to another person, giving you a range of up to 2 km across exposed terrain. Mesh even offers a range of up to 8 km – providing your group has at least six members.

However, Mesh connections can do even more: Group Mesh Intercom enables private groups with up to 24 participants. Multi Channel Open Mesh, on the other hand, enables public groups with an infinite number of participants riding within your range.  In this case, anyone on the same channel can communicate with the group without having to pair beforehand. You will always have the option of switching between private and public groups at the touch of a button.