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F3 Fast Foam Filter Cleaner 320 G

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  • Completely cleans from start to finish in quickly!
  • Works effectively on Petroleum and Biodegradable filter oils.
  • Smells Great, Biodegradable, and Non-flammable
  • Self-activating soap when rinsing out in water
  • Safe on glue joints and the foam itself
  • Doubles as a highly effective air-box cleaner!


1. Spray cleaner evenly on the inside and outside of the entire filter
with rubber gloves massage the cleaner into the filter
2. Rinse filter thoroughly under running water from the inside out. This converts F3 from a solvent into a soap and washes out all residual dirt and debris.
3. Repeat steps 1-3 on any spots that may have been missed.
4. Allow filter to dry before re-oiling