Float E2 Mtnpro Airbag

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Designed for high-performance mountain riding, the Float™ E2 MtnPro Vest offers full protection to the chest, ribs, and back – now includes our Float™ E2 airbag system.


Our new Float™ E2 MTNPRO airbag vest uses an Alpride supercapacitor to store energy that powers the compressor upon deployment. Supercapacitors store and release energy based on magnetic energy rather than chemical reaction: This means their performance is much more reliable in cold temperatures. For the same reason, the energy stored in a supercapacitor releases faster when it’s activated for deployment.


The Float Turbo Vest is our dedicated sled-specific E2 15L vest for mountain snowmobiling. Gearing up is easy with this all-in-one, lightweight breathable protective vest featuring built-in integration for a Tracker avalanche transceiver and BC Link radio. Other features include integrated low profile pack to carry avalanche gear and a few other essentials. Full front, side and back protection with 1mm of hard shell sandwiched between two layers of PE foam. Oval “ergo” trigger is less likely to snag on trees than round or T-shaped handles.



In addition to the supercapacitor storage, you can install two AA batteries to allow for additional deployments in the field. The batteries also help keep the supercapacitors at full charge when not in use.

• AA alkaline batteries allow for one additional deployment and is capable of keeping the system charged for up to three months of normal use.

• AA lithium batteries allow for three additional deployments and is capable of keeping the system charged for up to five months of normal use.

See the Float™ E2 user manual for more information.


Float avalanche airbags do not guarantee survival in an avalanche incident. Educate yourself, make good decisions, and know before you go.