OS Base DirtBike

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Designed to be a perfect fit on the latest lightweight enduro bikes with a custom shape and specific fitting hardware. The OS-BASE DIRTBIKE is an 'over the seat harness' for mounting OS-6, OS-12, or OS-18 ADVENTURE PACKS as soft panniers, with no need for metal frames or racks. This system provides a super-tough, lightweight carrying solution, with only slight bodywork alterations needed. The fitting hardware gives the flexibility to mount a one, two, or three-pack set-up, depending on your ride. The set-length straps make mounting quick and easy, and the custom shape provides a tight, secure fit with plenty of distance from the exhaust. It takes less than a minute to mount and just seconds to remove it.



2 x OS-DIRTBIKE RINGS attach to the main bike frame near to the footpegs. Designed to be left on the bike when not using the OS-BASE, they provide an easy access mounting solution for the front straps.

4 x OS-RACK LOOPS provide 4 hook-on points for a stand alone OS-PACK or US-Drypack or used in conjunction with the additional loops on the OS-BASE they provide various mounting points for a 3 x bag set-up. The rear 2 x OS-RACK LOOPS provide a strong and safe mounting location for the rear straps.

1 x SILICONE HEAT SHIELD provides a safe barrier from the exhaust. It simply mounts to the silencer using the two zip-ties provided.