Tech Air 3

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Alpinestars brings airbag technology to commuters and urban dwellers with the new over-the-jacket Tech-Air 3. Previous airbags fit under the jacket and required space to operate when needed. Its over-the-jacket design goes on and off the rider easily, and is designed for folding and quick storage in a backpack, pannier, or under the seat of a scooter. The Alpinestars Tech-Air 3 is vest-like, with no sleeves, so it is limited to protecting the rider's torso. Featuring the Tech-Air 3 men's cut design.


  • Perforated back zone for improved breathability, with internal air channels for enhanced airflow
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE 5.0) connectivity with the Tech-Air® App shows the system's status, the battery status and riding data
  • Upgradable system firmware, accessible via the Tech-Air® App
  • LED display on the front chest continously indicates the airbag's operational status. The LED display also incorporates a haptic alert, which vibrates to confirm the system is armed and alerts the rider when the battery is running low
  • Airbag coverage of the shoulders, chest and full back
  • Tech-Air® Systems - Alpinestars Protect
  • Back protector pocket
  • Tech-Air® Systems offer extended riding time
  • 40 hours of riding time
  • Magnetic closure to automatically activate the system